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Domestic Kitchens


With ITALSTEEL LUXURY KITCHENS COLLECTIONS, the desire of many is finally realized: to enjoy satisfying culinary fantasies in a kitchen with a professional feel but a domestic taste. Our prestigious finishes enhance its appearance, giving the entire space an atmosphere of uniqueness and warmth.

The ability to listen and perceive the needs of a modern and dynamic clientele, extensive travel, ambition, and passion to meet their ever-evolving demands have led our design team to create: ITALSTEEL LUXURY KITCHENS COLLECTIONS, an internal business unit within the company that combines the expectations of a restaurant kitchen with the attention to detail of home furnishings.

All our creations represent the perfect symbiosis between luxury and durability over time, characteristics and virtues that only stainless steel can guarantee.

The imposing

The distinguishing feature of this model is its imposing structure, equipped with sides and a worktop 50 mm thick.

The front is a clean line that, thanks to the groove integrated into the structure itself and welded to the rear module, allows the opening of doors and drawers without the use of a handle.

A rounded finish of the countertop is also available, aimed at facilitating cleaning and ensuring greater resistance to wear over time.

Italsteel Luxury Kitchens
Italsteel Luxury Kitchens


The desire to present a decidedly minimalist and avant-garde kitchen distinguishes this model, with a structure minimized to the essentials, featuring suspended sides and a worktop only 20 mm thick.

The doors and drawers open through a “push to open” mechanism, combining an extremely clean design with practicality during use.

The scotch-brite finish of the satin-finished steel maximizes its elegance.

Precious one

The desire to offer a precious and versatile kitchen was the driving force behind creating this model, which, thanks to its various combinations, can provide endless possibilities for customization to those who wish to make their home environment truly unique.

The substance of stainless steel is enriched by many artisanal details, such as visible handles and frames, with finishes in bronze, copper, burnished or mirror-polished, and doors that can be lacquered in glossy or matte tones.

This offers the opportunity to create a unique kitchen designed by you, for you.

Italsteel Luxury Kitchens
Italsteel Luxury Kitchens


The modern and contemporary touch, combined with prestigious finishes, characterizes our West-End.

In this kitchen as well, the doors, made of stainless steel, can be customized with glossy or matte tones and enriched with artisanal frames in bronze, copper, burnished or mirror-polished steel.

Its modernity is ensured by the clean line of the front, thanks to the groove integrated into the structure itself and welded to the rear module, allowing you to open the doors and drawers without a handle.


The Custom Monobloc!
Our Belvedere is the cooking block designed and crafted to meet the specific needs of the customer, without constraints on dimensions, types of cooking, and finishes imposed by “standard” production.

This model can combine various equipment to satisfy every culinary fantasy: from induction to gas hobs, from teppanyaki plate to grill, from pasta cooker to fryer, from microwave to professional pyrolytic oven, all while maintaining the convenience of containment elements such as drawers and doors.

Each combination can be provided in both professional and domestic variants, to optimize the balance between performance and sustainability in terms of consumption.

Italsteel Luxury Kitchens

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